What happens if we want to book?

After contacting me to check availability, I recommend we meet to discuss your requirements. If you are happy to book I would then require you to complete a booking form/contract and return it with the booking fee. This will secure my services for your chosen wedding date/location.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Yes. A contract is required to cover both parties in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

How much is the Booking Fee?

The Booking Fee to secure my services for your chosen day is £250.00. The balance will be payable 30 days before the wedding date.

What happens after we have booked?

After the initial meeting in which we will take most of the details, we will keep in contact to keep abreast of further developments, as we understand details can change leading up to the wedding. A final meeting will take place shortly before the wedding to finalise details such as types of photographs required and lists of the formal groups etc.

What is included in the price?

It depends on the specific package (subject to any amendments you may require), please see the packages section on the website. VAT is included.

How long will the photographer stay on our Wedding Day?

Dependent upon the specific package, the photographer will be there for the duration agreed at the time of booking.  However, if extra time is required beyond the agreed period there may be an additional charge.

How many photographs will you take on our Wedding Day?

We will take at least 150-250 photographs dependant on the package chosen, but usually we exceed this quite considerably due to our enthusiasm!

What is the difference between Reportage Style and Traditional Style Photography?

Reportage style photography is a more free-flowing style of photography. It is a method that suits a more relaxed and informal approach so as not to impact too much on your day.                  

Traditional is a more formal style of photography, and it is important to some couples to have some classic posed shots of family and friends. This also works well for larger group shots.  

So depending on your requirements, we can photograph your Wedding Day in reportage or traditional style or a combination of both.

Do you only shoot colour photographs?

We shoot a mixture of colour and black and white photographs. We can also provide photos with colour popping i.e. black and white photographs with selected areas in colour.  If there are any other styles you require, please do not hesitate to ask.

If you provide all the photos on a USB/DVD why do you still offer Albums and Prints?

All the images on the USB will be of printable quality and we encourage couples to print images either individually or by the use of an album. The reason for this is that prints will last a lifetime, digital files however have not been proven for their longevity. Also in the ever changing world of technology, digital files of today may not be readable on future software/hardware.

Do you cover the Evening Reception after the First Dance?

Although all standard packages only go as far as the First Dance, we are more than happy to continue beyond this. This can be discussed and arranged at the initial consultation.

Can you provide a second photographer?

Yes. A second photographer can be arranged upon request. Although this is usually not necessary, as we have the facility to set up remote cameras around the ceremony (Registrar permitting), which capture the ceremony from different angles.  Sometimes this is beneficial at venues where it is not permitted to move around which could cause interruption during the service.  My wife who accompanies me is also on hand to take candid shots of the intimate little moments that may occur during the day.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use Canon Professional cameras and Canon Professional lenses. I am a member of the Canon Professional Services  (CPS) - Gold Member.

What happens after the Wedding Day?

All photographs are catalogued and edited to a high standard. Up to four weeks later (depending on busy periods) they will be available for viewing. This would be the time to make a final decision on an album and choose any images to go in it. The finished images will be sent shortly after this.

 Do you post images on social media?

Yes, I will post your images on social media once you have viewed them first. I believe it is important for the couple to view them first before anyone else.

Do I have full copyright to my photographs?

Although the copyright always remains with the photographer, you will be granted a full printing license which will allow you to print as many photographs as you should like. We will also provide you with a selection of scaled down images and a license to share them on social media.